Advertising Operations Communications

Advertising Operations Communications

Aviso Communications is an outsourced ad trafficking company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across the advertising industry, Aviso collaborates with clients to help them become knowledgeable in the technologies used to deliver and track their broadcast and online advertising campaigns.

Our business strategy builds on our expertise in ad trafficking, technology, and delivery of advertising. Using our industry knowledge, service-offering expertise, and technology capabilities, we develop solutions to help clients across North America:

• Streamline workflow process.
• Improve operational ad trafficking performance.
• Deliver online advertising more effectively and efficiently.

Among the many strengths that distinguish Aviso in the marketplace are our extensive industry expertise, broad and evolving service offerings, expertise in broadcast and online ad trafficking By enhancing our consulting and ad trafficking expertise with alliances and other capabilities,

we help move clients forward in the execution of their campaigns, from strategic planning to day to day advertising operations with industry and ad trafficking expertise and broad North American resources, Aviso has the skills and technologies to help clients improve their campaign execution.

Aviso Ad Operations Services

We provide the following ad traffic services on an individual or full-service basis whether you’re an Advertiser or Agency ad server set-up quality assurance testing upload creative proof of delivery creative tracking delivery and revenue reporting campaign and creative optimization reporting experienced in DFA, DFP, Atlas, MediaMind & OpenX customer relationship management before Immedium, online advertisers could choose between using simple textual ads with standardized layouts and colors, or banner ads that enabled creativity and differentiation, but were expensive or impractical to update.

Now, that’s history. With Immedium, anyone can update rich, multimedia advertising content in seconds without special technical skills, and immediately republish to the world wide web. For even greater efficiency, Immedium can link your ad to the company’s system or online database to achieve automated updating of content. For example, an ad for a real estate agency can feature new properties as they are added to its database, without any additional development.

Real-time advertising carries relevance and currency that stands out from the crowd. It becomes specific, accurate, and meaningful instead of generic and lacking in urgency. Immedium encourages advertisers to think creatively and devise innovative campaigns that fully exploit the dynamic nature of markets and business opportunities.


An Immedium account gives you access to your own private online database, with tools that make it easy for you to create and manage web advertising campaigns. create and manage media plans for online publication Upload rich banner ads and associated multimedia content. Edit variable content of advertising messages. Preview and approve edited ads prior to publication Publish/republish revised content to any number of online media, simultaneously.

Rotate any number of ads within a media channel. Review usage metrics and costs by the campaign, or by media. Monitor activity on any of your ads in real-time Manages your Immedium account, with multiple users & privileges we provide complete, customized solutions delivered by a team of expert advertising operations Contact us to request a quote

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