Special Innovation in Google+ and Email

Special Innovation in Google+ and Email

So, you found a special invitation to try out Google+ in your email today. Now, it’s time to create your profile. Once you have your profile created, you’ll be surprised at the multitude of different features and tricks that a lot of users don’t know about. Some of these features are hidden while others just aren’t used enough by users to be discovered by a large number of users. To allow you to make the most out of your new social networking site, we have decided to fill you in on the features on the website.

Create a URL

One hidden feature that you can associate with your Google+ profile is the ability to create your own profile URL. Currently, if you want to share your profile URL, you’ll have to share the link that has the plus.google.com, but it’s followed by a ton of numbers. In short, that means it’s not easy to share. However, visiting plus.to, you are able to past your URL, then pick a username. Once you have chosen a name, you can now share in an easier way.

Photo Editing in Google.

Look at your profile photo. Does it seem a little boring to you? Well, Google+ allows you to spice it up with some simple photo edits. All you have to do is click on the photo. From there, you’ll see an “Actions” tab below the photo. The effects and filters will be shown on the right. You can make your color photo a black and white photo, you can auto contrast, and much more.

Are You a Show Off.

It is great being popular on Google+ now. Everyone seems to love over-sharing and that makes for great and interesting conversations. With all of these people who have added you to their circle, you also have the option of showing how many people have added you in their circles by having a number ticker on your profile. This is almost identical to the friend count on Facebook. The ability to make this count public isn’t a default feature, so you have to add it by going to the blue “Edit Profile” button and clicking the box on the left.

Don’t Share My Stuff.

To many people, things are best kept between friends. In this case, things are best kept between your circles. However, some individuals may find a post interesting enough to want to share. You can stop this by disabling sharing. All you have to do is click the arrow at the bottom right of your post (not page). The menu will display a button to disable sharing.

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