Point Supplier Comparison

Point Supplier Comparison

The task can seem overwhelming. Whether it’s your first time using a POS system for your store, or you’re already using a system and want to upgrade, this book discusses The 9 Questions You Must Ask before you make this critical decision. The right point of a sale computer system, from the right supplier, will give you the information and productivity you need to thrive in today’s competitive retail marketplace. The wrong system, from the wrong supplier, can be your worst nightmare.

The book includes:

128 Point Supplier Comparison Checklist  Cases Studies of Retailers Using POS to Get Great Results for Their SThe 9 Questions you Must Ask Before You Invest in a New Point of Sale Computer System for Your Retail Store

Inside you’ll discover…

The Acid Test Question you must ask any potential supplier The different installations and configurations every system needs. Be sure that you know who’s going to do all of this. Your supplier or YOUThe reports you to need to make great The reports you need to make great business decisions How a new Point-of-Sale computer system actually gives YOU more time and how you’ll actually be able to take that vacation this year How a new Point-of-Sale computer system actually gives YOU more time and how you’ll actually be able to take that vacation this year – What you should expect with your “Out-of-the-Box Experience” (the first time you’ll use your system)Everyone says their system is easy to use and intuitive.

How to find out if that’s really true before you make your investment supplier comparison checklist to be sure all of your questions are answered and your company’s unique needs are met You don’t want to be surprised by the answer to this 128 Point Supplier Comparison Checklist after you get your system. Whether you’re looking to invest soon, or years down the road, you still want the answers you’ll discover when you ask about the items on this checklist they provide you with dozens of referrals or just a few? Where are their support people? In the U.S. or overseas? Do you need to go through on-line support, or automated questions, before talking to the real live qualified support person?

How long have they been providing retailers with POS computer systems? Do they have installations in your retail category? Can they refer you to numerous clients in retail categories, like hospital gift shops, who often have volunteers with varying degrees of computer abilities using the registers, and use their software because it’s easy to use and intuitive? Do they perform all 29 of these installations and configurations before you get the system? How a gift shop in Mill Creek, WA became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of their electronic cash register system and how a POS system allowed them to better serve their clients.How a sporting goods store in Stateline, NV was seamlessly able to bring together two retail locations and their website to easily share inventory and client information between the three separate locations

How a non

profit gift store in Wilmington, IL took reduced by 2 hours per day their closing procedures, sped up lines, and made adding inventory a snap compared to their old cash register system. How a hardware and lumber store in Andalusia, AL streamlined their accounting and inventory store in Annapolis, MD got control of their inventory purchasing and receiving and cut 28 lost hours per week. How a toy store in Seattle, WA uses their POS system to seamlessly speed customer service at check out, control inventory, and train staff in record time

How a tobacco and convenience story uses their POS system to increase profits by 30%.How a liquor store in Brooklyn Center, MN uses their POS system to increase revenues, drastically reduce shrinkage, and produce the reports they need to run their business learn all of the above and much more in The 9 Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest in a New POS System for Your Retail Store tore(s)control and now operate with one person doing those jobs instead of three.

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