Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

Social networking sites have become a rage all over the world. They not only help in connecting you with your friends and family but are also useful in bringing people across the world together. There are a number of social networking sites available on the internet nowadays. Therefore, seeing the demand for social networking sites, Google launched Google Buzz on 9th February 2010. It is a social media networking site. It is similar in many ways to other popular networking sites. Features of Google buzz are common to other social networking sites like adding friends, status updates, and video and audio sharing.

One of the features of Google Buzz is that you have an option of sharing photos or videos to all the people on the site or your particular group on the site. Another plus point is that the pictures you post on your site can be viewed in full screen and not their small images as on other social networking sites. Also, you can directly register on Google Buzz if you already have an account on Gmail. The comments come directly in your inbox so that you do not need to refresh the page every time. One of the cool features of Google Buzz is that your messages get filtered before they are posted, thus, your time is not wasted on junk.

It is obviously understood that you can link this site to your mobile phone. With this option, you can actually tag your position with the help of Google maps. This will help your friends know where you are and you can conveniently arrange a meeting or a date in the closest bar or café. Android blower is also one of the many features of Google Buzz. With the help of this feature, it is possible for you to speak on the phone and it will get translated into a post.

If you are an ardent blogger like me, you are sure to love Google buzz as it can also be installed in your blog. Due to this, you and your blog readers will be able to share blog posts quickly and easily. This will result in an increase in the traffic to your site which is very profitable. The privacy and security of members are one of the main features of Google Buzz. Hopefully, this will free the users from spam and thereby make this social networking site users in its main objective- socializing.

You may wonder, what Google Buzz plans to achieve? This may be one of the measures to pull back followers who have drifted to other networking sites and have started making use of advertisements posted on those sites rather than those on Google.

Only time will tell the popularity of this site. It is still a newbie though some of the features on Google Buzz are novel. They also have more design features and tools planned for this site. However, this is a very early stage to make any judgments on this site, though usability can be a concern as it is an established fact that hardly anyone has the time and patience to actually scroll around and then look for information.

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