HS-EDV Has Specialized in Making Websites Known on the Internet.

HS-EDV Has Specialized in Making Websites Known on the Internet.

Studies show 90% of Internet users can only find websites through search engines web directories search results of the users are such that only the first 10 hits on the pages are actually viewed and actually visited our service is to enter your website in web catalogs that inherit the Google Pagerank. We make sure that they are free and do not contain any backlink obligation.

Your domain popularity will be significantly increased, which will ensure many visitors to your home page at the same time, you increase your Google page rank and thus a better weighting the search results (SERPs) Absolutely professional and reliable There are many website entry services available, but very few work with manual entries. We guarantee that your website will be entered professionally and manually in all web catalogs.

Your advantages

1. Category-related entry in web catalogs

2. With a category- related entry you get content-specific visitors
3. Topic- related visitors
4. Secure a higher ranking
5. Better weighting in search queries (SERPs)
6. Increase in link popularity and domain popularity through backlinks from the Web catalogs

What we need from them Website data

  1. Full name and address for the entries. These data are only used to verify the entry and to compare it with the website imprint by the web catalog operator and are (as a rule) not published.
  2. Three different website descriptions This text can be 100-1000 characters long, this should describe your website sensibly.
  3. Three different link title descriptions This text can be between 20-100 characters long.
  4. An e-mail address (not a freemail address!) The e-mail address given should be stored in your imprint, for precautionary and spam protection reasons you should create a second email daddy, e.g. webmaster muster site. The address given there will then receive the entry confirmations.
  5. Processing time We have 3 entry speeds.

1, day registration (only applies to our web catalogs), we advise against it, as it could end up in the sandbox very quickly course we can also put together entries according to your wishes We guarantee you a Success rate An entry success rate of 80-90% A targeted and precisely fitting category a selection A processing time of 1-60 days  or as desired significant, extreme increase in your link popularity, which improves your search engine ranking New visitors through the entries After completing the entries, we will send you the following data, depending on the entry  variant:

  1. Name of the web catalog
    2. Category in which the entry was made
    3. An invoice in PDF format
    4. You will also receive an extra link for free on our website.

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