Focused Marketing Communications

Focused Marketing Communications

At Utopia, we provide our clients with strategic, focused marketing communications and public relations campaigns that impact the bottom line. We execute communication strategies that integrate with, and strengthen, clients’ sales and marketing objectives. Our experience guides our strategic thinking. Our ethical commitment lifts our reputation and that of our clients. Our relentless execution of cutting-edge tactics brings our clients to the realization of their goals.

Public Relations

Often, the best exposure isn’t bought it’s earned, with compelling facts, newsworthy angles, and the know-how to bring game-changing attention to you and the impact you’re making. The nature of media is changing quickly, but the core fundamentals of media relations remain the same. It’s all about putting forth the most interesting storyline, understanding how to work with the decision-makers, and preparing our clients to make the most of the opportunities we create. The result is the notoriety that the public recognizes you deserve because the disseminators of mass information recognized you are making a difference. Our job is to make that happen on a regular basis and to show you how to reap the rewards.

Advertising design and placement (campaigns)

It’s the idea that will spur your target market to action, presented compellingly, and expertly placed in front of the most strategic audiences. Utopia creates striking visuals and memorable messages, but more than that we plug them into the most strategic combination of mediums to reach the people most crucial to the achievement of your goals.

Social Media Expertise

The pace of change in the media accelerates almost daily. Just as online media have put pressure on legacy media, now social media pushes the envelope even further. In short order, a new innovation will likely make today’s social media applications appear obsolete. We believe the working of online and social media is not a discipline separate from public relations. It is public relations. Those who practice public relations have to keep up with the way communication techniques evolve and incorporate that knowledge into their practice. And, while the vehicles used to deliver your messages may change at warp speed, the art of storytelling is as old as mankind itself.

Understanding how to tell a compelling tale using today’s technologically-advanced delivery mechanisms makes our challenge greater but ensures that the best in the field will rise to the top. Ultimately, all media old, new and emerging can be a useful vehicle for achieving your PR goals. Whether that’s a traditional print or broadcast placement or the effective establishment and management of a Facebook fan page, it’s about understanding and choosing the right path to reach your target market. Utopia Communications guides you through this ever-evolving media scene to optimize your organization’s opportunities and reach the audiences that matter most.

Email Marketing

The delivery of information is can now be quick, simple, and highly affordable. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do it successfully. Effective email marketing requires an understanding of how to optimize subject lines, avoid spam traps, enable follow-up, and capture data on opens and clicks that allows you to truly hone in on your top prospects. Anyone can send an e-mail. Utopia creates connections to markets that make a difference to your bottom line.

Website development and optimization

Web sites have come a long way from the days when they served as little more than online brochures. Designed effectively, written crisply, and optimized for the web’s most powerful tools, your website can truly be the leading engine in the pursuit of your success. Utopia doesn’t just create web sites that look good and read well We create websites that perform.

Event and Conference planning and coordination

When you have a chance to bring together crucial stakeholders to further their commitment to your value proposition and prompt them to action – it represents a unique opportunity to push forward toward your biggest goals Utopia makes sure your event is choreographed for success – with the right participants, the best venue, the most effective presentations, and follow-up. You may never get another chance to make this big an impact. Our job is to make it an event whose impact will take you to a new level of success, and give you the tools to keep you there.

Commercial art and graphic design

The standards for first-rate design are higher than ever and they should be. Technology empowers designers like never before. But the greatness of design still has to come from the creative mind of the professional, and if it’s going to perform for you, it has to do more than just look great. It has to represent and drive your brand, and represent a lasting representation of your organization’s excellence. This is the kind of commercial art and graphic design that Utopia develops, for clients who are ready to look the part of success.

Integrated marketing campaigns

No one tactic or technique is likely to drive an organization’s overall success. The true marketing strategist understands how to assemble the right combination of tactics, how to allocate resources properly and drive executions on all fronts that compliment each other and drive the crucial results that deliver the return you need on your investment. Utopia can help you navigate this critical path successfully.

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