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Software and Online Game

Typing games are a type of online game … especially browser games. What kind of game is, typing inputting text (characters) using the keyboard so you can get a high score typing, move the characters that appear in the game, and so on. Will proceed. There are so many different types of typing games that you can’t just say “this type of game”, but what they have in common is that players type using the keyboard, and they’re fast and accurate. The more text you enter in, the more you can get a high score, and the more you can advance the game.

Do you know the word touch typing? Sometimes called the blind touch method, this touch typing allows you to type text on a computer, word processor, etc. with a keyboard without relying on the characters engraved on the surface of the keyboard. It is a technique of tapping and inputting text. In other words, you will never take your eyes off the display or documents, and you will never have to look at your hand to enter, and you will not have to search for and confirm the characters to be entered, so it is very difficult to enter text and create sentences. It will be faster.

By doing this touch typing, the speed is much faster than typing by looking at the keyboard. You can notice faster due to typing mistakes since there is no or little movement of the viewpoint, eye strain due to the movement of the viewpoint can be suppressed. There are merits such as being able to do it, but on the contrary, it takes a certain amount of effort/time to learn.

If you use a keyboard with a key feeling different from the keyboard you usually use, you will feel the feeling of your fingertips. Since it goes crazy, there are many mistakes in typing, and it takes time. In any case, you can enter text quickly, and you don’t have to search for characters one by one, so it is natural for people who usually use personal computers to be able to touch-type. And there is a tendency for it to be required as a minimum.

There are two main stages to learning touch typing. In the early days, remembering the key arrangement and learning finger movements. And the second half is the unconsciousness of keystrokes. It seems that it can be called touch typing even in the early stages, but since the input speed is slow and fatigue is great, the benefits of touch typing can be obtained by learning the unconsciousness of keystrokes in the latter period.

 It will be from. This unconsciousness of keystrokes means that the fingers can move immediately without having to consciously think about the characters that must be entered, the arrangement of the keys corresponding to those characters, and the division of finger roles. Say that. Look at the letters Your fingers move freely By repeating this unconsciousness of keystrokes, the fingers will be able to memorize the movement of keystrokes of the keys used to enter the words as a series of flows in the frequently used words.

As you learn more, you will be able to type at speaking speed Typing games are, of course, within the play of games, but they are also the best practice method for learning touch typing. Even if the content of the game varies, typing speed and accuracy are required, and if there are any typing mistakes or the input speed is slow, it will not be possible to get good results in the game. In fact, there are many people who want to learn touch typing and play typing games, and on the contrary, children, and others naturally learn touch typing while playing typing games with simple rules. It may be called …

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