Turned On the Computer

Turned On the Computer

When I came to the office and turned on the computer, what was displayed on the screen was “Operating System not found” and it did not start! Or it does not react after the maker logo. At the time of such trouble, it may be in a state where HDD is not recognized. Forcibly shut down the power once and check if HDD is not recognized from the BIOS screen. The BIOS is the screen of the system that controls the hardware of the personal computer.

It is installed in all personal computers, and most of them access each part behind the scenes while the manufacturer logo is displayed at startup. If it does not start after the manufacturer logo, you can check whether the HDD is not recognized or recognized by displaying this BIOS screen and checking. To get the BIOS out, you can press the F2 key repeatedly at the same time you turn on the power, but it depends on the model, so see the instruction manual of your computer.

If the internal HDD on the BIOS screen shows 0GB or none and is not recognized. At this time, if you write down the BIOS settings, initialize the BIOS settings and the reading does not become normal at the restart, turn off the power of the personal computer, disconnect all the connected wiring, and in the case of a laptop computer, remove the battery, 90 Wait about a second. If it is not recognized even if you start it after that, there may be a problem with the HDD or the connected part.

What about the data?

If the HDD is safe, you may be able to back up your data, but depending on the situation you may need to repair and salvage your data. There are methods such as removing the Hdd from the inside and connecting it to another computer, using recovery software, etc., but if it is company data such as corporate data, it is safer to use a data recovery company or cloud backup service with certainty. Probably. Some companies that have cloud backups do it manually.

You can save unnecessary work by doing it automatically rather than manually. Also, you will not forget to send it. When recovering data, the usage method will change and the cost can be reduced by properly selecting the vendor. These can be checked by the reputation of the net. The most common computer trouble is data corruption. If the data is corrupted, you will not be able to work. To prevent this from happening, ask a specialist to always recover your data.

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