The website remains a communication

The website remains a communication

Freelance web designer located in Cuq-Toulza, between Castres and Toulouse, passionate about the web and related technologies, I offer my services to individuals as well as to small and medium-sized structures: TPE, SMEs, craftsmen, auto-entrepreneurs, or associations. I can thus provide personalized service and support particularly suited to structures on a human scale. We can take the time to analyze you

A modern site

I create websites today, so they can be viewed tomorrow. The web is evolving and therefore the creation of sites is also in perpetual motion. The mobile web on smartphones is booming and it is essential to take into account the different screen sizes and differences in network speeds. I, therefore, offer sites adapted to the mobile Internet and always looking for the latest valid web technologies. I also use Open Source technologies as much as possible for their openness and robustness. r needs together in order to find which website solution best meets them.

I listen to you

Anxious to offer you a website that reflects your image, I will be able to listen carefully to a service that will meet your expectations. The website remains a communication tool subject to the same requirements and the same attention as the others. We will therefore take stock of your target audience, the message, and image you want to convey, your graphic charter, or even an audit of your direct competition sites. We will also establish a schedule for provision as soon as possible.

Attractive prices

Let me convince you that professional and effective communication doesn’t have to be expensive. Even tight budgets can claim to have a website up to the task. Defining your needs as best as possible and the budget you can devote to them means avoiding unpleasant surprises. We will list the features necessary to clear most of the superfluous. This process is the guarantee of a controlled budget. Calling on a self-employed person, not subject to VAT, is also the guarantee of a contained price.

All the cards in your hands

Are you an electrician, restaurateur, stylist in socks… and you don’t know anything about the web? That’s pretty good: I don’t know much about electricity, I mostly cook pasta and my socks aren’t classy! On the other hand, I will be able to follow you in all the steps to create your own website. I will advise and support you on all stages: Audit, design, design, hosting, referencing, choice of CMS, etc.


You currently have a website that you would like to improve or change at all. Thanks to the audit, analyze your needs and estimate the improvements to be made to your website. Do you want to change the design to make it more modern, make it accessible to mobiles, improve its editorial content? Do you find your site too slow, not accessible enough? Do you want it to adapt better to mobiles, improve your audience and your visibility? Each case is different, but each particular problem has a solution. We will find it together.

Simplicity and Accessibility

You want to be able to update your site regularly and cannot ask an external service provider to intervene every time. Most of today’s websites can be managed from your web browser with a minimum of knowledge. Via secure access with a username and password that will be unique to you, you can change the editorial content of your site as you wish and very simply. We will take the time to see together the basics of content management with the chosen CMS.


Each site created and set up will aim to obtain optimal natural referencing. All the best ways to ensure better positioning on Google and other search engines. Various parameters will obviously be taken into account: code optimization, image compression, determination of keywords, choice of hosting and a solid and swift database, etc. The success of your Internet activity depends on it. because it is the quality of this referencing that will determine whether or not your audience will find you easily on the web.

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