Lockwood Technology Software

Lockwood Technology Software

We have combined an innovative auto-discovery agent with state-of-the-art inventory technologies and a powerful set of business automation applications to provide a truly unique asset tracking and management life cycle system. This represents a series of modules that when configured together is known as our Large Enterprise Edition. However, our life cycle system can be configured to suit variable needs and any budget.

Asset Tracker

Asset Tracker is the center of the suite providing comprehensive database administrative capabilities as well as a multitude of transaction-processing features. The Asset Tracker provides client/server access with comprehensive data manipulation of information stored within the suite’s master database and in general, is a full-featured asset management system that serves as the heart of the product suite. It performs many varied functions related to asset tracking, reconcile, finance, reporting, utilization, scheduling, document management, security, and maintenance. Asset Tracker works seamlessly with the Fixed Asset Collector for and cycle counting, the PO Manager for purchase order processing, and the inclusion of new assets into the database as a result of automated receiving activities facilitated by the Dock Manager working in concert with the PO Manager.


The Collector Series is a collection of portable, wireless data collection tools that are compatible with a variety of operating systems in support of handheld hardware. There are two primary modules that form the Collector Series; Fixed Asset Collector and Warehouse Collector. Both modules perform the same basic functions and cycle counting. Both have advanced functions that enable information sharing between the collection module and the primary system module they support (Asset Tracker and Stock Manager). Both also are integrated with barcoding (read and write) and technology. Information is collected/validated using these portable tools and then uploaded into either the Asset Tracker (Fixed Asset Collector) or the Stock Manager (Warehouse Collector) for reconcile and database updates.

PO Manager

PO Manager is a comprehensive purchase order transaction-processing module that can operate independently or collectively with the other modules of the suite. The PO Manager is used to create and manage purchase orders. As purchase orders are created, the PO Manager has the ability to review information resident in the Asset Tracker database, searching for similar items to those being ordered and if it finds any that are currently idle, alert the transaction user placing the order in the hopes that the item will be recycled as opposed to buying new. The PO Manager can also perform the same functions with the Stock Manager module.

Dock Manager

Dock Manager is a web-based shipping and receiving module intended to work on an interactive basis with a purchase order application such as the PO Manager. The Dock Manager module was designed to be run on a handheld device or via the Internet and to be able to pull in electronic copies of current open purchase orders. The objective is to be able to compare physical shipments against PO line items as they arrive, generate bar-coded labels and affix them to items as they are received, send updates back to the purchase order system and construct a new record into the master suite database managed by the Asset Tracker and/or the Stock Manager (using the PO information as a basis for the new record).

Stock Manager

Stock Manager is an inventory control and materials management module capable of supporting an unlimited number of UPC’s, SKU’s, part numbers, zones, areas, bins, and physical locations. The Stock Manager is a full-featured warehouse module that offers standard features for managing stock in multiple warehouses across disparate geography. Stock Manager works seamlessly with the Warehouse Collector for and cycle counting, the PO Manager for purchase order processing, and the inclusion of new stock records as a result of the Dock Manager receiving against purchase order information provided by the PO Manager.

Event Manager

Event Manager is an automated event detection and management module. The event manager can be user-defined to monitor and automatically react to user-defined events and supports the Asset Tracker, Stock Manager, and PO Manager modules universally. It works for you through the use of intelligent software that can monitor information and schedules, detect and react to planned and unplanned events and communicate to you and your vendors via electronic fax, e-mail, and paging.


RemoteLink provides Internet access to the suite’s master database. RemoteLink provides limited access/update to non-client users in the form of; record viewing, report-generation, property tracking, and information import/export.


Poller is an auto-discovery module that scans the network and polls IBM-compatible computers gathering software and hardware characteristics, compares the results of the polling to user-defined baseline requirements and software license data, reporting on variances as required. The Poller can be run as a standalone polling tool that stores results into an XML file for processing or it can be used on an interactive basis with the Asset Tracker in multiple fashions;

1) Poller can access existing PC information stored in the Asset Tracker master database directly from the Poller.
2) Asset Tracker can initiate polling directly from a PC record within the Asset Tracker system.
3) Event Manager can automatically import Poller results from the XML file and auto-update/populate the Asset Tracker database.

The information must flow throughout the enterprise in order to be useful. Our flexible import/export filters ensure compatibility and sharing of asset information between our powerful asset repository and other critical life cycle systems. Our filters come prepackaged with options including selections for electronic information exchange between popular systems like MS Access, MS Excel, XML, SAP/R3, Oracle, Lawson, Millennium, and more! To activate a filter, you simply select your choice from a list.

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