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Web Services Internet

Best Managers is dedicated to helping you have the best web services on your road to continuing business growth and success local, regional, and or global using the Internet.  We understand that building a great web business starts with the solid foundation of an affordable web site that helps you coYou are reading this for one of several reasons You are considering starting a business want the best web support. You have an established business and want to expand it by using the Internet.* Click here to find out about using the Internet to expand your local business You currently have an e-commerce website that is underperforming You have purchased Site Build It! web business software and are seeking help in building your site You are checking out what other services providers are offering In this Best Services Guide I cover Site Build It! Why SBI! is the best web site and web business development tool Tips for using  SBI!  How to get started. The importance of the Action Guide. What’s in Tips techniques

Keeping current. Our consulting services.  What services do we offer How is the best way to get started Using your HTML editor. How to get started. Pros and Cons of Dreamweaver. FrontPage. Free editors. HTML formatting made easy. Newsletter services hints.  How to get your newsletter launched? Hints on use of HTML. Get your newsletter read. Tracking results Demonstrated results. What works and what does not? I will provide detailed results achieved using the products, services, and/or approaches covered in this guide Technical Tips. What will work for you? What are the shortcuts What should you avoid Services Directory What are the best business services for you Using Templates. FrontPage, DreamWeaver, Using .txt files as templates My intent is to give you everything you need. A quick glance at our pages will give you a feel for what we offer. Use this site as a guide for your journey into the exciting world of online business and e-commerce Already in online business? Get some immediate laser beamed insights for improving your results:

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Established e-commerce business to find out how to grow local business listen to Small Business Users around the World Our other sites may help to Services Insights Best Managers Business-Online.com our Web Business site – focuses on support to web entrepreneurs). Check today’s Alexa rating. Services Insights BestManagersTraining hosting one of the world’s leading online leadership and management training programs). Check today’s Alexa rating. Services Insights NavyLeagueCharleston.org (we designed, host and webmaster this FrontPage template-developed site. Users may direct input/edit content. We were selected as one of four internet services providers for the United States Navy League Councils worldwide Services Insights #5 www.BestManagers.net (we managed the design, development, and implementation of this database-driven site. All content is entered through a web-based content management system. This is our corporate web learning portal

Services Insights Touch-of-Dutch-Country-Kitchen.com (we developed and maintain this site). Check today’s Alexa rating. Services Insights ProsperityPromises.com (we coached the development of the sight, built the look and feel, trained the owner how to maintain the site). Check today’s Alexa rating. Services Insights Professional-Resume-Writers.com (we developed the look and feel, and search engine optimized the pages). Check today’s Alexa rating for a day course about how to use the Internet to sell your products/services Best regards We are an internet service and business consulting, training, and development company dedicated to helping good managers and their companies prosper by reaching for the top Our Team includes outstanding business, web designers. You want a skill — we have it!

Here are two members of our Team:

Associate Michael Staples provided the Top and Left image files for www.21st-Century-Fitness.com. He also revised and converted to ebook format the print version of a client’s book. Take a look at a new SBI! look and feel, including the navigation at Associate Andrew Turner, a frequent North American web technologies lecturer, did the design and implementation of BestManagers net a dynamic learning portal which includes an advanced (for its time) Content Management System CMS’s make it easier for non-technical users to manage their own web site content). Andrew is fluent in English and Sign up now for our Site Building Tips newsletter. We’ll do our best to make it easy for you to build your own high performing business web site promise to use it only to send you Best Managers Site Building Tips. Contact Information Best Managers on the Net and other Best Managers terms are business names of the Best Sell your own products Approved Navy League of the United States Applications Services Provider We used these tools to help in developing our winning design Web Business Service Best FrontPage Tools Web Business Service FrontPage Secrets Web Business Service FrontPage Power Edit Web Business Service Dreamweaver Templates Web Business Service HTML Web Templates concentrate on your business not your website.

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