Investment Computer System

Investment Computer System

You’ll likely be surprised that this website will not allow you to buy anything…  that’s because we do things differently than others in this business.  We know that your investment in a Point-of-Sales computer system, or even some accessories, is far too important to be done over a website without talking with someone who understands you and your store. We’re here to help you succeed in the retail and that’s why we’re happy to make your search for a Point-of-Sale computer system for your store a whole lot easier. You can start by requesting your FREE copy of the Retail Success Kit.

This FREE Retail Success Kit Includes:

Case Studies – How 8 Different Independent Retailers Use Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System to Track Sales, Manage Inventory, Laser Target their Marketing to Save Money and Explode Results, & Provide Superior Customer Service to Thrive in Any Economy.44-page free book, “The 10 Questions You Must ask Before Investing in a Point-of-Sales Computer System for Your Store,” including a 121 point checklist to make certain you get the right system for your store. Video demonstration on how easily and effectively independent retailers are making the switch from either cash registers or out-dated software to newly updated versions.

The 8 Case Studies Will Reveal…

How a gift shop in Mill Creek, WA became increasingly frustrated with the limitations of their electronic cash register system and how a POS system allowed them to better serve their clients. How a sporting goods store in Stateline, NV was seamlessly able to bring together two retail locations and their web-store to easily share inventory and client information between the three separate locations.

How a non-

profit gift store in Wilmington, IL took off 2 hours per day in their closing procedures, sped up lines, and made adding inventory a snap compared to their old cash register system. How a hobby store in Bellevue, WA increased their credit card processing speed and cut their end-of-day settlement time in half.How a pet store in Annapolis, MD got control of their inventory purchasing and receiving and cut 28 lost hours per week. And much more from 8 different small to mid-sized independent retailers.

And you’ll also receive…

The 10 Questions You Must Ask Before You Invest in a Point-of-Sale Computer System for Your Store Inside you’ll discover…The Acid Test Question you must ask any potential supplier 31 different installations and configurations every system needs and that you need to be sure is done by anyone providing your system The reports you need to make great business decisions

How a new Point-of-

Sale computer system actually gives YOU more time and how you’ll actually be able to take that vacation this year What guarantees you should expect from any supplier and how they back them up What you should expect with your “Out-of-the-Box Experience” (the first time you’ll use your system Everyone says their system is easy to use and intuitive.  How to find out if that’s really true before you make your investment How you can cut 50% off the time it takes you to write purchase orders

A supplier comparison checklist to be sure all of your questions are answered and your company’s unique needs are met And much, much more in this information-packed 44-page book that reveals everything you need to know about investing in a Point-of-Sale computer system. To get your copy of the FREE Retail Success Kit here’s all you need to do: Enter your information at the link above so we can send you the informative book. Hit Submit and a member of our team will send you the book, and case studies of other successful retailers who are using a Point-of-Sales computer system.

We will never spam, sell, or rent your information to anyone… EVER.  We hate that as much as you do.  We will only send you the information you requested and another Point-of-Sale computer system-related information.  And if you ever want to stop receiving our timely information you can do so ANYTIME.

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